torsdag 23. september 2010

Obese children eat too much "healthy food"

In this morning's Aftenposten, Oslo's major daily and Norway's newspaper of record, there was a story about a study which uncovered the "surprising" finding that obese children by and large ate too much "healthy food". Rather than gorging themselves on soda and candy, the fat kids preferred juices and sweetened juice drinks and other high-carb low-fat foods that come with the blessing of the government and mainstream dieticians. The only problem, according to the article, is that these youngsters simply ate too much of it. Like so much reporting on diet in the mainstream media, the assumption, of course, is that purportedly healthy foods are in fact healthy. This is just one of the many unstated assumptions in the article, one of so many that I get dizzy from trying to unpack them.

Did anyone consider whether the overweight youngsters actually ate more of what is supposed to be good for them, not because of some character defect, but because they were hungry? Maybe all that healthy fruit juice and pasta might not be so healthy after all? Speaking as a former chub, I can identify with these kids. I probably drank less sugary soda than the average teenager, but I was absolutely addicted to macaroni. And I have the stretch marks to prove it. The solution to my weight problems has been the paleo/primal diet. In this connection this diet's most important characteristic is the elimination of all gluten grains. In addition, I get over 60 percent of my calories from fat. Not just any fat, either, but butter, tallow and lard (these last two included in the various cuts of meat and sausages I eat).

So instead of starving these kids and putting them on treadmills to "slim them down", why don't they try eliminating the grains and fruit juices (fruit juice is to fruit what crack and powder cocaine are to coca leaves), cutting down on the remaining carbs (no potatoes to start with, but all the broccoli slathered in butter that they want) and otherwise reintroducing real food, like eggs, meat and full-fat plain yogurts and cheeses, into these youngsters' diets?
These kids have already tried the food pyramid. Maybe that's what's making them fat (ya think?) I know that if I ate according to the food pyramid, I'd look like it. Time to try something else, I would say.

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